New GHOSTBUSTERS III Plot Details Surface

Here's a little Ghostbusters III news for the month.  Most of the original cast wants in (including the retired Rick Moranis).  Sigourney's in.  Aykroyd is in.  Still no Murray -- yet.  I'm holding out hope.  But check the block-quote below for the skinny...
For example, Sigourney Weaver says that during one relatively recent conversation with Ivan Reitman, “I said, I have one condition want my son Oscar [from Ghostbusters II] to be a Ghostbuster, and he said, ‘We’ve already done that.’”

In a phone interview, Cohen says that he and Reitman are “together for hours every week, working on it really closely.” He adds that Dan Aykroyd is acting as an overseeing Ghostbusters writer emeritus: “No one can speak the language of Ghostbusters like he can.” When asked whether a Ghostbusters III could succeed without Bill Murray, Cohen responds, “Absolutely everyone wants Bill Murray. But everyone has great faith in the franchise.”

All of the original cast members interviewed for this article tell VF Hollywood that they’d happily participate in a third installment, and several speculated about what their characters would be up to today. Rick Moranis on the fate of Louis Tully: “He’s in prison, a cellmate of Bernie Madoff’s. They compete to see who can make their bed first in the morning.” Ernie Hudson prophesies that Winston Zeddmore would be “the C.E.O. of the Ghostbusters franchise. I just hope that he wouldn’t be on a walker or [in] a wheelchair.”

He adds wistfully: “And hopefully we’ll still be able to wear the backpacks.”
Source: Vanity Fair
Special thanks to Bloody Disgusting for pointing out the VF article. 
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