There is hope for those who lost all they had at a certain forum that completely failed. Anyone who loves "SCREAM" and collects anything from that movie knows that finding a sturdy community to partake in is very rare.

Luckily, there is a guy (me) who has tried to bring new life into all things "Scream" and "Ghostface" related. After running a previous fan-site that was later shutdown, we finally found a way to give all the "Scream" fans and collectors around the world everything they need. Weekly news and a place to call home again is what we have provided.

We put together a weekly YouTube series for the fans so everyone is aware of all the current stuff going on in and around the community. (Beware, there are antics and language that would make your mother cry like a 5 year old who just ate a habenero. But its all in good fun)

Below is today's episode! (6-14-14)

Here's the playlist if you want to watch the madness unfold and learn a thing or two in the process.

We are even seeking sponsors too so we can feature people's work on the show!

You can find all the links in the videos discription, but here's one to get you started.

So join the 2 groups and have a blast! The community is stronger than ever and now is the time to get back into the swing of "SCREAM"!

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