Seth Rogen Talks NEIGHBORS 2, Taking Meetings

Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have been discussing the possibility of a sequel to their new hit comedy Neighbors.  Though the film doesn't leave much open for a follow-up, there literally a hundred different storylines that can be thought up dealing with pesky neighbors and adjusting to life as parents.  I say do it!
Neighbors producers Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen mentioned at the Produced By conference that they’re still taking a lot of meetings about a sequel to their hit summer comedy, which is on the verge of hitting $220 million worldwide, but it’s still undetermined whether they will move forward.

“There’s a point where you have to say ‘Stop’,” said Rogen. ”On Neighbors we played the studio game, and continually received notes and waited for the call that movie would go forward. We stopped, had a real moment, and cut the budget in half — which it turns out was the factor stopping the project (from proceeding forward) in the first place,” explained the comedy actor/producer who made the film for $18 million. “Essentially, we assess, what’s the most amount of money we can make this movie for, for the most amount of go-away (from those giving it to us),” said Rogen about the trio being left to their creative devices, adding “We’ve been good on our budgets.” Point Grey made 50/50 for the thrifty price of $8 million and This Is the End for $32 million.
Source: Deadline 
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