In 1989, Weekend at Bernie's was a breath of fresh air.  Not nearly as good but still quite enjoyable, a sequel in 1993 came about -- and they're still playing around with Bernie's corpse in Weekend at Bernie's II.

In a continuation of the story in "Weekend At Bernie's", Larry and Richard are wrongly accused of Bernie's fraud and are promptly sacked. To clear their names, and to get some compensation, the two set out to track down Bernie's hidden loot. Their plan requires Bernie, who's dead - but not as dead as the pair think.

From Rob Hartill on IMDb

My thoughts:
Don't get me wrong, WAB2 is a fun flick, just doesn't really carry the same charm as the original.  But the whole voodoo scenario is rather entertaining.  Hats off to Terry Kiser on playing this straight.


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