You've Got a Face for Podcasting! Featuring Jess Hooker, Chick McGee, Elspeth Eastman, Rupert Bonehman

In this Indianapolis centric episode of Kind of Epic Show we talk to local legend and all around good guy, Rupert Boneham about Ruperts Kids. We talk to nationally syndicated radio host and fellow local podcasters The Off the Air Show in which we are podcast bombed by Colts Punter Pat McAfee And finally we speak with the inccredibly charming voice actress Ellspeth Eastman of Killer Instinct and Guns of Icarus. All recorded at this years Indy Pop Con. Before all that its been a week since our last Kind of Epic show and three weeks in real time so we talk about this years #E3 including the #Sony and #Nintendo press conferences. We also talk the horrible news of the Scoobie Doo reboot and TMNT movie still featuring Shredder and Splinter. All we can conclude is Shredder you got a face for podcasting and so do we.
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