Zach Galligan Talks GREMLINS Reboot, Wants To Be Involved

Gremlins star Zach Galligan was asked about his thoughts on the in-development reboot.  His response was the usual, until he started dropping hints that he wants in on this damn thing!  Make it happen!
There is always talk of a remake or a sequel or reboot. Do you have thoughts on that?

What I can tell you is that they are in the process of rebooting it. I know that the process is going reasonably well. I know that they are writing something, right now, as we speak. I would obviously never have any idea or presume to have any idea about my cooperation with a reboot until they approach me or sent me some kind of script. You would have to figure one of three possibilities would be apparent: 1. I would have no involvement in it; 2. I have a small, cameo-type involvement in it; or 3. and hopefully the Warner Bros people are listening to this, would let me play the new Billy Peltzer's teacher, or play the dad, or play the cop. Just move up and play another part.
Source: Moviefone 
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