Check Out CHUCKY In These Cool Charm School Photos

Chucky and Don Mancini are in the headlines again!

Here's something you don't see everyday.  Don Mancini recently had a luncheon with Monica Lewis and brought ole Chucky along.  The album on Monica's Facebook was simply titled: CHARM SCHOOL FOR...CHUCKY?!

Don eve commented this: "The pleasure was all ours, Monica! Who knows what this fateful lunch might give birth to…GRANDMA OF CHUCKY? GRAMMONICA OF CHUCKY!"

And Monica replied: "Yes... life is filled with possibilities. (LOL!) ox, M."
Facebook has enabled me to make all kinds of fascinating friends. Recently, a screenwriter-filmmaker named Don Mancini reached out to me through this forum, and I invited him to lunch. Don established himself at Universal Studios, the decades-long professional base of my husband, MCA/Universal production VP Jennings Lang, in the late 1980s, not long after Jennings retired from the business. As an ambitious 25-year-old, he created the story for, and co-scripted, the 1988 horror hit CHILD'S PLAY and has since chaperoned that film's possessed plaything -- an alternately cute and deadly doll named Chucky -- through a fiendishly scary, often funny and very successful series of screen misadventures. Don told me that, as an adolescent in the 1970s, he found inspiration in my husband's productions -- popular action spectacles including EARTHQUAKE, the AIRPORT sequels and ROLLERCOASTER -- and they helped fuel his decision to pursue a career in Hollywood. How great is that? Now, I wasn't very familiar with the CHUCKY movies when my assistant set up our lunch, so he suggested to Don that he bring the series' diminutive star to our get-together and alerted me that Chucky had just suffered a very bad tricycle mishap. Or something. :) While Chucky may not be everyone's cup o' tea, and horror isn't my favorite genre, I sure had fun "chillin'" with this li'l screen villain and his very sweet creator over iced coffee. Love, Monica (Photos by Dean Lamanna)
Check out the photoshoot below...

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