Weinstein Company Sued Over SCARY MOVIE 5, Man Pays For Bit Part

Michael Trigg paid $100,000 for a small speaking role in Dimension Films/TWC's SCARY MOVIE 5, but negotiations fell apart and Trigg ended getting an even smaller role on a lesser known film.  Ultimately, Trigg is suing The Weinstein Company, CharityBuzz and the La Jolla Playhouse.

The details:
The Weinstein Company has been hit with a lawsuit by a man who claims he paid $100,000 for a bit part in “Scary Movie 5,” only to be robbed of his moment in the spotlight.

In the lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Monday, Michael Trigg claims that he agreed to pay $100,000 to the website Charitybuzz in exchange for a speaking role consisting of “a few lines” in the film “Scary Movie 5,” in addition to a one-on-one meeting with Harvey Weinstein. The money, according to Trigg, would go to the La Jolla Playhouse.

On top of that, the lawsuit claims, Trigg was told that his part would now be included in a different movie altogether, “Demonic.” Trigg suddenly found himself transformed from “FedEx Guy” to “Cop With Dog,” and at the shoot the director told him to just “nod his head” in response to another character's line.
Read the full story at the link below.  I feel bad for Michael Trigg, I honestly do.

Source: TheWrap 
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