S. DARKO (2009)

Today we look at a sequel that still boggles the mind as to why it was made.  No introduction needed, I give you 2009's S. DARKO.

July, 1995, the time is out of joint. Two teen girls, Sam and Corey, have left Virginia for L.A. to start over. Sam's brother has died and her family's shattered; Corey's too wild. They have car trouble in a small desert town, where Corey immediately starts her partying ways, where a meteorite strikes a windmill, and where a burned-out Desert Storm vet predicts the end of the world in four days. Sam hallucinates while sleepwalking, young men have disappeared from town, and cars come out of nowhere to cause accidents. Time travel may be possible, but it takes courage and resolve. Is the addled war veteran right? If he is, can Corey or Sam make things right?

From J. Hailey on IMDb

My thoughts:
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't mildly curious when this sequel was first announced.  It's not so much a sequel as it is a spinoff...but still.  S. DARKO really had no reason to exist, except to simply ride the coattails of the original's cult status.  See it if you must.


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