Excuse me if I seem a little giddy for this review.  I finally got the chance to sit and watch TRAILER PARK BOYS: DON'T LEGALIZE IT, the third movie in the TRAILER PARK BOYS camp.  And I'll tell you, after a, what, seven year hiatus, it's been a supreme blessing to see the BOYS back in action!

Things are a little different in Sunnyvale this time around.  Ricky has a house.  Bubbles is living under a deck.  Julian is in business with Cyrus.  Yeah, shit's crazy.  Lahey and Randy?  Their relationship is on the rocks.

The gang learns about a marijuana legalization hearing that is going to be held and Ricky wants to stop it.  After all, once it's legal, his business is gone.  Julian needs to head that was for "pissy" business and Bubbles tags along because he's finally found it parents -- only problem?  They're dead.  But they did leave him a house (or, at least something resembling one).

In the end, it's a typical TRAILER PARK BOYS adventure.  And that is by no means a bad thing.  Their adventures are some of the best on TV (and movies), period.

It's pretty amazing that these guys can take so much time off from these roles and then just hop back into them without missing a beat.  Simply astonishing -- especially since it seems like they've been doing a lot throughout the years.  But having their new production company, Swearnet, things seem to be getting easier and easier.

Now back to DON'T LEGALIZE IT.  It's great.  I really don't how much detail I can go into.  It's a another, new, adventure for the BOYS.  If you haven't checked out, you're doing yourself a grave disservice.

Also, season of the TPB show has finally hit Netflix.  I binge-watched it less than a day...if that tells you anything.

In the infamous words of Mike Smith's Bubbles, "Deeeecent."
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