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Review: CULT OF CHUCKY (2017)

Well, today's the day... Cult of Chucky  has hit DVD, Blu-ray and VOD.  And guess what?  I've seen it!  I've had Cult  pre-ordered for almost three months now, and I was super stoked to finally receive it.  Now let's get past all this fluff and jump right into it... *Minor spoilers! The film opens up with Andy (Alex Vincent) on a date with a girl who is questioning his love of guns.  Of course, Any denies a "love" for them and insists they're only for protection.  He also correctly presumes that the girl has already Googled him and knows about his past. I loved Curse of Chucky  and especially Andy's cameo at the end, so it's really nice to his character brought back and expanded on in this seventh installment. Back at his place, we see that Andy still has Chucky's severed shotgun-blasted head, which he tortures periodically.  There's also a few cool throwbacks to the previous films hanging around Andy's place (like a frame