Bryan Cranston Down For A 'Malcolm In The Middle' Movie

Something I dream comes to fruition one day is a Malcolm in the Middle revival, whether it be a Fox sequel series or a streaming movie, I'm down! It's been hinted at, teased, and discussed for years but so far nothing concrete has happened. This isn't any different, but Bryan Cranston, who played Hal (the dad) on the show, recently spoke about a possible movie.

Now, Cranston didn’t directly reference the thing Malcolm star Frankie Muniz said last year, when the child-star/adult racecar driver (look it up!) claimed that Cranston was writing his own sequel to the blue-collar comedy. But he did make it clear that, if a script for such a revival got written, he’d be game to come back to the part of hapless dad Hal.

“We had such a great family on that,” Cranston said in the E! interview, “And I certainly would be open to that if there was a good idea that came up — like, ‘Oh, that would be fantastic to explore what happened to this family 20 years later.’ I can’t believe it’s already that, but that would be fun to do.”

Here's to hoping!

Source: AV Club

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