Nicolas Cage Talks 'Face/Off' Sequel

Nicolas Cage recently opened up about the possibility of returning to an old role in a sequel to Face/Off.

As the actor exclusively revealed on the Jan. 9 episode of E! News, "I would love to get back into the Face/Off ring." The 1997 sci-fi action flick starred Travolta as FBI agent Sean Archer, who swaps faces with his arch nemesis, terrorist Castor Troy (Cage), in hopes of taking him down.

And it appears that Cage already has a plot in mind for the follow-up film. "I think Face/Off is so unique and there's a lot to mention there that could be explored, especially dealing with the offspring of the characters," he explained. "It would be almost like three-dimensional chess, three different layers, with the kids and the parents and everybody trying to like face-off."

Source: E! News

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