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Scream 4 Confirmed

Well Kiddies...Dimension screwed us. Instead of stopping with a good thing, there is going to be a Scream 4. Wes Craven was nice enough to send over word on Scream 4. Thanks a ton to Wes for keeping us Scream fans in the loop. Hello! Wes Craven here-- with some news I thought you might want to know! DImension Films contacted me and asked if I would be interested in directing Scream 4. I declined. They have a screenwriter attached to the project and they're trying for a 2002 release. WC

Jurassic Park 3

DarkHorizons reported Dan's JP3 page has heard two bits of gossip that will turn some heads - including word the T-Rex is going on the back burner next time around. Before I go into explanation on that, the first scooper reports that folks going on the Universal Studios tour are apparently being told that Stage 12 (right across from JP: The Ride) is being used for pre-production on JP3 now that Ron Howard and his "The Grinch" crew have moved out their 'interior Whoville' sets. Now, for that second report which says renowned paleontologist Jack Horner, who served as consultant on both the previous JP films, gave a talk to this scooper's school not long ago and indicated the T-Rex would NOT be the main antagonist in the next film - something new and meaner would be replacing it, but the Rex will still likely make brief appearances.

FvsJ put on hold

New Line Cinemas has revealed that the often delayed Freddy vs Jason has again been put on hold. Production has been pushed back a year, with the Box Office results of Jason X determining if production will even start at all.

Blair Video Game reported that..... The Gathering of Developers game company has announced the upcoming release of, count them, three PC games based on the indie horror hit THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. The first of the trio is set for release "in the third quarter of this year." That's between July and September for those of you behind in your corporate-speak. It's set to be called BLAIR WITCH VOLUME 1: RUSTIN PARR and promises to explore a killer mentioned in passing during the film. The second, BLAIR WITCH VOLUME 2: THE LEGEND OF COFFIN ROCK is being billed as a RESIDENT EVIL style game of… well, you know, a lot of killing. The third game, BLAIR WITCH VOLUME 3: THE ELLY KEDWARD TALE will blend magic (no not real magic) and action.

Jason X News

Calgary Sun Reporters Toronto-based shock-film specialist David Cronenberg will be vacating his director's chair for a role in the upcoming 10th installment of "Friday The 13th." "Jason X" is being directed by James Isaac, who has collaborated with Cronenberg in the past. According to Empire magazine, the new film is set in 2455, and Cronenberg plays a professor who returns to Earth with a group of students on a field trip, only to discover a frozen Jason. Empire said the script has the teacher and students unwisely loading Jason onboard their ship for the flight home. It's not Cronenberg's first shot at acting. He had roles in Don McKellar's "Last Night," Gus Van Sant's "To Die For", and Clive Barker's "Nightbreed." Cronenberg also directed an episode of the syndicated TV show based on the "Friday The 13th" films, Empire said.

Batman 5 Bullshit

This one rates right up there with the whole Ben/Batman Gywenth/Catwoman lies. Rumors are currently circulating that say Julia Roberts has been given a pretty large paycheck to be involved with Batman 5 . Sure………That'll happen.