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Halloween 8

Dark Horizons also reported news from the convention. They said that Producer Moustapha Akkad confirmed shooting begins in Spring on "Halloween 8" based on a script by Larry Brand ("Masque of the Red"). Curtis didn't want to be in another "Halloween" film but agreed to cameo in order "to tie up what happened to her". Akkad also confirmed that it wasn't Myers who died in 'H20' and none of the other characters from that film will appear in the new sequel.

Chucky vs Freddy

Waiting for the long-delayed Seed of Chucky movie? Well don't, the project is history. At Fangoria's "Weekend of Horror" convention Dan Mancini revealed that the movie will never happen. He said that Universal looks down on the horror genre and was actually embarrassed that "Bride of Chucky" was a hit. But don't worry, Mancini is working on a Chucky vs Freddy project with New Line. Thanks to Clint

T3 & Furlong

Edward Furlong will return to the Terminator series according to Variety writer Micheal Fleming. And the world gasps in shock... (not really..)

Halloween 8 News!

Thanks to Chucky Fox 411 writer Roger Friedman reports the eight Halloween is actually moving forward. He says that Jamie Lee Curtis is under contract to at least do a cameo, but they are trying to land her as the lead. Friedman says a source of his says "It doesn't matter (if Jamie signs on). The new script is great and it can be done without her."

Mummy 2 Talk

"If audiences respond as well as they did the first time around, then we're definitely going to deliver even more of that kind of adventure and fun. There's a particular brand of horror genre that turned on its ear with the right dose of leavened humor to make people feel like were not taking them or ourselves too seriously." - Brandan Fraser @ SFX Online

Jason X Art has been posting some cool Jason X pre-production sketches.