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Xmas Vacation

Things have been slow, because of the holidays. What can I say, I am deeply religious and have been spending the last 2 weeks pr… Read more

The Rock in X2?

A lot of you may have heard that The Rock has signed on to play The Beast in X-Men 2. Many wrestling sites have been reporting t… Read more

Unbreakable Trilogy?

Total Film Magazine reports: Bruce Willis may still not be seeing dead people, but he is seeing sequels that don't exist. … Read more

Jackson talks SW2

"Is it done? In a way, yeah. And in a way, no...I understand that George is writing some new stuff, and I think I have to g… Read more

Jason X Image

The Diabolical Dominion scored a new picture from Jason X . Click here to see it. Read more

Alien vs Predator

DVD Monthly reported the following story... Attention all Sci-Fi fans. Those of you who have eargerly been awaiting the potent… Read more

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