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Xmas Vacation

Things have been slow, because of the holidays. What can I say, I am deeply religious and have been spending the last 2 weeks praying instead of updating. Or maybe I'm lying. Anyways, I hope you all have a great New Years and continue to visit the site in 2001!

The Rock in X2?

A lot of you may have heard that The Rock has signed on to play The Beast in X-Men 2. Many wrestling sites have been reporting this, but it isn't true. X-Men 2 is not ready to begin casting, so take this just as a rumor. Many thanks to everyone who emailed me this info!

Unbreakable Trilogy?

Total Film Magazine reports: Bruce Willis may still not be seeing dead people, but he is seeing sequels that don't exist. Despite Willis' internetty claim that his new movie, Unbreakable, is the first of a trilogy, writer-director M Night Shyamalan says the star is getting ahead of himself... "Whether there ever is another one is not really on my mind," The Sixth Sense helmer told Total Film. "I don't have a story, I'm not thinking about it, and if I ever made one, it would be for the right reasons. Not for money, not to cash in, and certainly not because my next two films flopped or anything like that." But, for the time being, Unbreakable's story of the changes surviving a trainwreck force on a man will remain a one-off collectors' edition. "Unbreakable is about 'Am I what people say I am? Am I something exceptional or a very ordinary person?'" Shyamalan said. "There's a lot of me in the story, and if I fin

Jackson talks SW2

"Is it done? In a way, yeah. And in a way, no...I understand that George is writing some new stuff, and I think I have to go back to Australia in March and work another two weeks." Samual L. Jackson @ Total Film Magazine

Jason X Image

The Diabolical Dominion scored a new picture from Jason X . Click here to see it.

Alien vs Predator

DVD Monthly reported the following story... Attention all Sci-Fi fans. Those of you who have eargerly been awaiting the potential ultimate-cinimatic-showdown : Aliens VS Predator will no doubt be keen to hear the latest update on this highly anticipated movie, which is currently under production as working title "Deathfall" . Although it's yet to be confirmed who will direct the rumoured $80million project. Both the Faculty's Robert Rodriguez and Goldeneye's Robert Campbell are said to be in talks for the job, since the original choice Jaames Cameron turned the movie down. The plot itself is said to center on a military colony where the Aliens are being bred to carry out a genocidal attack on a despicable forgein power. Meanwhile the Predators are not only trying to hunt them down as a prize, but also to retrive a wounded fellow warrior. Brace your selves this one could go the distance. (Thanks to True Directions )