Possible Scream 4 scribe semi-interview

We got the chance to catch up with Michael T. Kennedy, the possible screenwriter for Scream 4. Here's what he had to say...

Did you have any inspiration for your 'Scream 4' script or was it something that's been in the back of your mind?
"It was something I had in the bak of my mind for sure. I think the treatment I wrote is more of the story I want to see as opposed to the screenplay they have. I think both are great stories but the treatment really shows more of what Sidney has had to deal with after all of her experiences. The script is strong but is more of a direct continuation of Scream 3 and the first draft was written in 2004 and has since been punched up multiple times. The treatment is a darker alternative. But in the end both are separate stories I wanted to see so I decided well what if Sidney's life went this route or what if it went route B. So I decided to do both stories and if chosed let the suits decide the route they intend to take." The first film's theme was "blame the movies," the second's was "blame the parents," and the third's was "blame yourself."
Does your screenplay have a specific theme?
"I would say that the theme is about redemption on all fronts. For Sidney, for Dewey & Gale, and for some of the new characters. The thing I wanted to do more than anything was base it in reality as well as have our villain use the old formula but with new twists. I think what twists I developed will suprise the fans in wha they are as well as in their simplicity."
Last but not least, have you heard anything from producers regarding anything at all?
"As of right now my manager has heard very little other than that they are still felling everything out."
Thanks again, Michael.
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