Exclusive: Rob Zombie NOT doing Halloween 2?! (UPDATED)

Contrary to many movie news sites (including this one), it appears that Rob Zombie has not been approached for Halloween says Scout Taylor-Compton.
Whilst chatting it up Scout via Stickam (yes, I have a Stickam account) I brought up the subject of Halloween 2. I asked her what her thoughts on Zombie returning to do the sequel were, and she responded, "Where did you hear that from?" And I shot back, "Pretty much every movie news site..originally ShockTillYouDrop."

And that's when she layed the hammer down, "Oh, I'm so sick of this. People need to stop believing what they read on Internet. I'm somewhat close with Rob and believe me, if there was any truth to this...I'd know."

So is that it? The final word? Time will tell I guess...

Personally, I think Scout's just out of the loop rumor-wise. Rob may be directing and she just doesn't know yet...