Alien to be remade

This rather interesting news comes straight from Bloody-Disgusting.

Update (12:07am, May 28): We just heard from a separate reliable source that Fox is possibly working on an origins story, as opposed to a straight-up remake. Still...

In January we broke the news that Robert Rodriguez's Troublemaker Studios would be producing a reboot of Predator for 20th Century Fox. Our regular tipster was proven correct once again as the story was confirmed in April. Our tipster even scooped us on who would be penning the remake, now titled Predators.

So Mr. Anonymous is back again. And being that 20th Century Fox is remaking Predator, it doesn't surprise me at all that Fox is also going back to their catalog for a reboot of Ridley Scott's Alien.

What our tipster informed us is that - opposite the Predator situation - the plan is to stick with the original concept of only one alien on the ship.

Michael Costigan, Ridley Scott and even Tony Scott are all on board to produce and have tapped Carl Rinsch to get beyond the camera and bring a new Ripley to the big screen.

Who is Carl Rinsch? I'm being told he's a commercial/music video director and does work for Scott Free Productions, who is also producing the remake.

In the original, the terror begins when the crew of a spaceship investigates a transmission from a desolate planet, and discovers a life form that is perfectly evolved to annihilate mankind. One by one, each crew member is slain until only Ripley is left, leading to an explosive conclusion that sets the stage for its stunning sequel, Aliens (my favorite film of all-time).

We'll keep you posted on any updates, but that's what we got for you this evening. Remember to take it as rumor until confirmed as many projects change through the course of development.

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