Heathers 2 not happening

According to Moviehole, it seems that the supposed Heathers 2 isn't happening after all.

Seems Winona Ryder is as trustworthy a retail customer as she is a source when it comes to a "Heathers" sequel.

Remember a few weeks back when Ms Ryder told Movieline that there's bubbles boiling in the "Heathers 2" saucepan? According to the actress, whose got a long line of credits, but none that are valid at clothes stores, the long-awaited follow-up to the 80s classic was finally coming to fruition. She'd be back. Christian Slater would be back. You'd be back (ideally).

Thing is, "Heathers" director Michael Lehmann knows nothing about it. As far as he's concerned, it's merely wishful thinking on Ryder's part.

"Winona’s been talking about this for years — she brings it up every once in a while and Dan Waters and I will joke about it, but as far as I know there’s no script and no plans to do the sequel", the filmmaker tells Movieline. ''A couple weeks ago everyone started talking about it and I guess Winona said the movie was gonna get made, and I thought, “I don’t know, maybe they did this without me?” But I got in touch with Dan Waters and he said he didn’t know anything about it. So I don’t think there’s any truth to it."

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