Routh talks Superman franchise

Moviehole has an interesting article about Brandon Routh and the future of the Superman franchise...

Cinema's most recent Clark Kent says he thinks Warner Bros should give his (or rather Bryan Singer's) ''Superman'' series a second chance - despite the first film underperforming at the box office - just as they did Christopher Nolan's Batman films (and we all know how that turned out!).

Brandon Routh tells Omelete (via ThinkMcFlyThink) that if fellow superhero pic ''The Dark Knight'' proved anything, it's that a sequel can be bigger, better and more successful than the film it follows. Though Bryan Singer's ''Superman Returns'' (2006) was only a moderate hit, and Warner Bros would've liked it to have done better, the actor - and why wouldn't he? - believes there's both room for improvement and a chance at even greater success next time around. And I can't help but agree - if the action can be ramped up, a good villain can be introduced, and the film's less interested in emulating the Dick Donner movies and instead being it's own beast, it could be great. And I love Routh as Superman - he's brilliant.

Unfortunately, says Routh, his contract has expired - so legally, he's no longer wearing the 'Man of Steel' badge. He'd have to be re-approached. But if that day comes, he wouldn't "think twice" about donning the tights again.

So in short, Routh says :

- He knows nothing about the status of the "Superman" film franchise

- He is no longer under contract to play the role

- "Superman Returns" didn't work as well as it could've because it lacked action

- Would definitely return to the role if he's asked back.

Recent rumours suggested Warner Bros might be looking at 'rebooting' the "Superman" series - again. If that ends up happening, I think it's safe to say Routh will be out - which'll be a damn shame.
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