Predators treatment details

Various news resources have been reporting the details of the upcoming reboot Predators. This particular text comes from Bloody-Disgusting.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed both Latino Review and AICN's reports that Nimrod Antal, the director of the horror film Vacancy, has been hired to direct Predators for Fox and producer Robert Rodriguez. They add that in this version, a group of humans will find themselves stranded on a planet home to Predators and must survive the horrors they encounter. James Cameron pulled a similar move with his advancement of the Alien franchise in his Aliens. I guess they mean it's similar because they take on more Predators? Alex Litvak & Michael Finch (Medieval) have written the script. The new iteration, which Rodriguez has been hoping to make since 1994, when he was hired to write a screenplay for a second sequel, is scheduled for a July 7, 2010 release.

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