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This comes exclusively from iF Magazine...writer Kevin Williamson drops a few bombs about Scream 4-6.

THE SKINNY: While promoting his new CW show THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and the Summer TCA press tour, iF caught up with that show’s executive producer Kevin Williamson to find out more about the proposed SCREAM 4 that he’s working on.

“I’m writing it,” he says. “Honestly, [VAMPIRE DIARIES] is the focus, I want to get this show going. Luckily COUGAR TOWN [Courteney Cox’s new series] got picked up, so I bought myself a TV season, so I don’t have to deliver a script until hiatus.”

The impetus for SCREAM 4 came with constant bugging by Dimension Films’ Bob Weinstein.

“Bob Weinstein has been bugging me a hundred billion years,” says Williamson. “‘Let’s do it. Let’s do it.’ Wes and I were like ‘no way.’ Then finally I was taking some time off, sitting around thinking ‘what if I had to do SCREAM 4?’ I wasn’t interested, [but then I thought] ‘a trilogy – now I’d be interested! Could we do that and develop a trilogy?’ and then I started thinking about the story. I created three different chapters, broke it up and I got really excited.”

So what is about? Is it a remake? A sequel?

“It’s a new trilogy,” Williamson adds. “It’s ten years later. Gale Weathers [Cox], ten years later.”

Also back will be David Arquette who played Deputy Dewey in the first film and who struck up a relationship on screen and off with Cox.

“[It’s] Sheriff Dewey, I mean Deputy Dewey, oops,” says Williamson. “It’s Dewey and Gale and that’s it.”

With both Cox and Williamson working on TV shows, Williamson does reiterate, a script won’t be ready for awhile and the earliest shooting could commence would be next year.

“I’m going to finish the script in the next couple of months and then we’ll start the project,” says Williamson “It depends on the hiatus schedule and then we'll get in serious talks with [original trilogy director] Wes [Craven] and what his schedule is like. Then the VAMPIRE DIARIES -- I’m committed to this and I have another show at ABC that nobody knows about. That could come in and change everything.”

Of course, Williamson couldn’t see the movie done properly without Craven involved.

“Wes wants to read the script before we sign on, which makes sense,” he adds. “We’ve sort of chatted about it. We’re a SCREAM family, so not having dad sitting at the head of the table, wouldn’t make sense.”
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