Superman to be rebooted

This comes from Moviehole...

Those that have read about the whole brouhaha between WB and the Siegels (and if you haven't read here), will know that in order for Jeff Robinov's crew not to lose the Man of Steel to another studio, they have to put a new "Superman" flick before the cameras by 2011.

As a consequence, a project that wasn't anywhere near a priority for the studio (They, like many fans, weren't happy with "Superman Returns") is now on the "fast track".

According to IESB, 2006s "Superman Returns" is now seen by the WB as a "bookend" to the Richard Donner series - thus, they won't be sequelizing it. Nor will they be hiring Bryan Singer to direct. And though the studio has said in the past they'd like to have him back, it's doubtful Brandon Routh will return either (kinda feel sorry for the guy, but who knows, maybe "Dead of Night" will be a hit - -and offer him a chance at another fiscally-pleasing series?). Yep, the new film will be a complete reboot.

And who might be behind the reboot? According to the aforementioned site, the Wachowski's (don't know that we can call them brothers, now?) - a duo not totally unfamiliar with comic-book flicks (they helmed "Speed Racer", and briefly flirted with "Plastic Man") are in with a shot. Doesn't matter that they pissed away all of the studio's money on the ill-fated "Racer", the twosome still made the Burbankians a shitload of cabbage with the "Matrix" trilogy - seems that's all Robinov cares about. But in a sensible move - if only because the filmmaker is really impressing these days! His new film "Ninja Assassin" is apparently hotter than a sauteed chili! action-packed to boot!- James McTeigue may direct, leaving Larry and Andy Wachowski to produce. Could work...

Hopefully there'll be more news soon...
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