Bruce Campbell talks Spider-Man 4

Moviehole interviewed cult movie fave Bruce Campbell...and in the interview he revealed a few details about the hush-hush fourth Spider-Man film...

I've interviewed Bruce Campbell a couple of times - and think he's great value, but I tell ya, it's always hard to tell when he's joking and when he's not. He's like a father that finds it hard to communicate with his kid, so makes jokes to cover up for his inability to have a normal conversation with you. But I mean that in a good way. It's fun how Campbell enjoys fuckin' with reporters... Yankin' his, well, Chin.... and giving the driest, most flat-panned answer to the most normal of questions . And because a wide-eyed cheeky smile usually follows whatever response he offers, it's usually clear that he is having a bit of fun with ya.

Today, Campbell tells Access Hollywood that not only does "Spider-Man 4" start up in January (that's likely true, Sam Raimi told me recently February - so same ball-park) but that he'll have a much bigger role in this one than he did the other films. Hmmm... could be true.... maybe?

Now what does he mean exactly? Who knows! Knowing Campbell he's likely just found out from buddy Raimi that he's going to providing the voice of the local radio announcer on Peter Parker's wireless in the pic, and either considers that a 'promotion' from playing a waiter. Or maybe he is indeed playing an actual 'part' this time around? But as much as we "Evil Dead" fans would love to see Ash donning some sort of villain costume and taking on the pint-sized web-sprogger in the streets of New York City, it's unlikely Campbell's up for that big a role - but wouldn't that be fun!? No?

I'd probably bet on the big guy playing - if he's indeed got a bigger role - something like Peter Parker's driver, or Mary-Jane's favourite uncle 'Morty' (who appears in a Christmas scene - or something).

But god it's a slow fuckin' news day if we're talking about Bruce Campbell having a role in "Spider-Man" (which we already know!) and it potentially being bigger than the blink-and-you'll-miss-him parts he's played in "Spider-Man" 1 thru 3!
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