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Sex and the City 2 trailer hits web

The trailer for the much anticipated Sex and the City sequel has hit the web...and thanks to Moviehole for providing the embed..… Read more

Cameron talks Avatar 2

James Cameron talks a little Avatar 2 in this piece from Moviehole... Looks like TCF’s decision not to print any “free tickets” … Read more

Small Ghostbusters 3 update

Here's a small Ghostbusters 3 update courtesy of Clint over at Moviehole... If there’s one thing I know, when it comes to “… Read more

The Karate Kid trailer

Check out the trailer for The Karate Kid remake below... Read more

Terminator 5 on backburner

This not-so-surprising news comes courtesy of Moviehole... Producer Dan Lin, out stumping “Sherlock Holmes” (read my review here… Read more

Lots of sequel news

This comes from Moviehole... The Hangover 2 Those boisterous blokes at the center of the 2009 hit might be headed to Thailand ne… Read more

Cabin Fever 2 trailer

Here's the trailer for Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever courtesy of Moviehole... Read more

The Marine 2 Trailer

Here's the trailer for the Marine 2 that recently premiered on WWE Monday Night Raw. The Film stars Ted Dibiase (son of the m… Read more

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