Amanda Seyfried out of Momma Mia 2

This comes from IESB in an exclusive interview, it appears that Amanda Seyfried will not be in Momma Mia 2...and why...because the film is set to be a prequel. So this also means that Maryl Streep probably won't return either...

Amanda Seyfried confirmed to IESB that indeed Mamma Mia 2 will be a prequel and that it will focus on the younger years of Donna, Meryl Streeps character.

Seyfried said she would not be returning obviously because of the nature of the story, there is no room for her.

Most likely this also negates Streep's involvement as well since it will focus on her as a young woman.

Seyfried said that although they would all love to return, because of the story, it's just not plausible.
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