Wes Craven confirmed for Scream 4...right?

He's in, he's out, he's in...and he's out again. What the hell is going with Wes Craven and Scream 4? My thoughts: he'll be back. Here's what b-D is saying...

Ok, I thought this was already reported 90 times, but maybe I'm wrong. In an interview with MTV, star David Arquette confirmed that Wes Craven will in fact be getting behind the camera for Scream IV, assuming it actually happens (I don't have a lot of faith in Dimension Films these days). "Yes, Wes [Craven] is in, Neve [Campbell] is in, everyone is in," Arquette said. The lovely Cox didn't sound as sure however. "I know they're trying to make that work," she said, referring to bringing the "Nightmare on Elm Street" creator back on to direct. "They'll make it work," she said, quickly adding "I hope." There you go, back at square one. I'd love to interview someone and talk in circles.
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