Muppet Sequel With Jason Segel

This amazing news comes from Moviehole...

The script for Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller's "The Greatest Muppet Movie Of All Time" is Gold. It's classic Henson - top tunes, great gags, oodles of cameos (there's even an opportunity for Charles Grodin to reprise his 'Great Muppet Caper' character), and no goddamn literary cross-overs (you know what I mean - a 'Christmas Carol', 'Treasure Island' and so on).

If it turns out like I hope it's going to turn out, we're going to walk out of "The Greatest Muppet Movie Of All Time" just as happy, and just as content, as we did exiting "The Muppet Movie" or, in the very least, "The Muppets Take Manhattan" (which, quite frankly, I enjoyed the heck out of. Saw it a double bill with "The Never Ending Story" in a small cinema in Shepparton back in the day. Yes, Wolfgang Peterson's fantastical adventure flick surpassed "Manhattan" on every level but compared to some of the more recent "Muppet" flicks, it was another winner).

And today, we have our first confirmed 'human' cast member - not that it'll come as much of a surprise.

Jason Segel, the film's co-writer and producer, will play the film's lead (the one that isn't green and hasn't - as far as we know - bonked swine), says Heat Vision.

Based on the script, I imagine Segel (TVs "How I Met Your Mother") will be playing Gary - since that's about the only other key male character in the flick besides it's villain (and I can't see Segel in that role). Gary, Mary and Walter (a Muppet) are the three heroes of the piece. They're trying to round up the original 'Muppet' gang - who are now out working 'normal' jobs - so they can help them save the theater the puppet troupe's TV show was filmed in all those years ago. A drilling magnate has his sights set on getting the oil that bubbles underneath the theater, so needless to say, it's going to be a much tougher task than simply getting all the Muppets in the one room again.

Can't wait to see who they get to play the bad guy, Tex Richman! (I'm also certain it'll be one of Segel's regular cohorts though - maybe Seth Rogen?)

James Bobin will direct the film. Rowlf the Dog will likely be it's composer.
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