Tom Atkins Attached To Halloween 3?

This interesting news is courtesy of our good buddies over at HorrorBid. Could Tom Atkins be attached to Halloween 3 (a sequel to RZ's H2)? Here's what HB had to say...

There are a couple of problems with this story however. Halloween 3D is either not going to happen or more than likely happen with a different script. Rewind to last year when Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 hit the box office. The numbers weren't great and the film was getting panned by the critics. Regardless of that the Weinstein Brothers announced that there would be a third film (minus Zombie this time) and the director and writer of My Bloody Valentine 3D would be coming aboard to pen and direct the new film titled, you guessed it, Halloween 3D or H3D. In a matter of weeks that project got nixed for uncertain reasons and has been up in the air sense.

Fast forward to present day. Atkins is currently shooting a film (which will also be for Farmer and Lussier) titled Drive Angry. During an interview with Fangoria magazine Atkins said he would be playing "a shrink in a mental hospital that Laurie [Scout Taylor-Compton] is in with a bunch of other girls who have been up to no good. I'm trying to help them find a way to the light."

Not exactly a ton to go on but if the mustache one speaks, we listen! So if Halloween 3D does get off the ground and lets be honest it probably will (it will make money) then it appears as if the one and only Tom Atkins may indeed have a part. And who better to be in a Halloween 3 film then the "THRILL ME" star himself considering he was in the original Halloween 3: Season of the Witch.

It would be nice to see Atkins after all these years get a chance to go toe to toe with the Boogeyman himself, Michael Myers. Time will tell. Bidites what do you think? Good idea or better left on the cutting room floor?

Remember, Atkins was in the original Halloween III: Season of the Witch, so this could be something not too short of pure awesomeness (it's a word, Google that shit).

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