Geena Davis Talks A Little 'Beetlejuice 2'

Geena Davis recently spoke to Moviehole about the possibility of a Beetlejuice sequel. This is how that article went...

Out stumping her new film "Accidents Happen" in Sydney (where the Andrew Lancaster-directed comedy was shot), screen vet Geena Davis mentioned she'd be interested in hearing more about the oft-rumoured "Beetlejuice" sequel.
Davis, who played one-half of the recently-departed Maitland outfit (Alec Baldwin playing her hubby), says she'd be definitely keen to tap into her, er, 'spiritual' side again.
"It's funny, [another journalist] just asked me about a sequel to Beetlejuice - which, though I haven't heard anything about it, might be interesting", Davis told me yesterday. "I would do that!".
"Thing is, do ghosts age?", asks Davis. "Wouldn't we be stuck in the age we were? Alec [Baldwin] and I would have to look as we did then - who knows, maybe we could? I better get in touch with Tim Burton".
A script titled "Beetlejuice goes Hawaiian", written by Jonathan Gems, was doing the rounds in the early '90s. It saw the Deetz family moving to Hawaii, where Charles (Jeffrey Jones) is developing a resort. Soon enough the twice-unlucky clan discover they're building on top of an old ancient Hawaiian Kahuna's burial ground. At that stage, Warner Bros had only approached Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder about reprising their roles from the original film.
The project never happened, but star Michael Keaton was as recently as 2005 suggesting he'd be keen to play 'The Ghost with the Most' again.
"At one point, I had the conversation with Tim, saying "I love this movie so much; I think there's one more in there somewhere", Keaton told JoBlo in a 2005 interview. "And we both talked about it, and I think there was a script written once years ago that wasn't quite it. I would consider that, yeah, a lot. I would seriously consider that."
A year later, Warner Premiere announced - via an international media release - that "Beetlejuice" was one of the many titles they were considering 'sequelizing' for home-video. That hasn't come to fruition - yet. And hopefully, it won't.It'd be a waste to go that route.
Look, there's surely potential out there for a big-screen follow-up to one of Tim Burton's biggest and best flicks? right!? Keaton's onboard, Davis is onboard, I'm sure Baldwin would do it... and if Burton won't direct, then maybe he'll produce? This could work Robinov - sleep on it.
Meantime, Davis tells What's Playing that we shouldn't hold our breath for the previously-announced ''Long Kiss Goodnight 2''.
''Sam Jackson and I really wanted to do a sequel'', Davis says, but suggests the box-office for the first film wasn't big enough to warrant a follow-up.
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