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First 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' Image

The first official image from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn has been released via Twitter. If you've read the book, then you're sure to know what this image signifies. Ugh.

Daniel Radcliffe Reflects On 'Harry Potter'

Actor Daniel Radcliffe, best known for portraying the young wizard Harry Potter , recently spoke with Parade Magazine, reflecting on the last 10 years of Potter films. Daniel Radcliffe has grown up on the big screen as the young…

'Paranormal Activity 3' Gets Release Date

The third film in the ever-popular Paranormal Activity series is set to be released theatrically on October 21, 2011. Thanks to Bloody-Disgusting for the scoop.

Short Review: 'From Hollywood to Hollywood'

It might not be a sequel, prequel, or remake, but it was definitely worth checking out... As I sat down to watch From Hollywood to Hollywood , I couldn't help but wonder what in the hell this film is about, and furthermore, i…

New 'Scream' Series Documentary

There is a new documentary on the Scream series in the works. From the people who brought us His Name Was Jason , are bringing us Still Screaming: The Ultimate Scary Movie Retrospective . Here is a small snippet from the doc c…

'Pirates of the Caribbean 4' Teaser Poster

Above is the official teaser poster for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Nothing too special, but it plays a little with the 3D aspect of the film.

'The Goonies 2' -- Dream Or Reality?

So what's the latest on the on-again, off-again sequel to The Goonies ? Here's the latest from an article Moviehole just recently published... Befuddlingly why Warner Bros won’t make a sequel to “The Goonies” – it’s not …

'The X-Files 3' A Go?

David Duchovny has been talking lately about a third X-Files movie... Despite the lackluster performance of the last film in the franchise, Fox may yet give “The X-Files” another run on the big screen. Speaking to France’s TV …

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