Channing Tatum In 'The Expendables 2'

Dolph Lundgren seems to think that Channning Tatum will be in the sequel t The Expendables...

In an interview to promote the DVD and Blu-ray release of “The Expendables”, chemical engineer turned Punisher Dolph Lundgren tells Den of Geek that Sly’s looking at recruiting some young guns (no, not as in Dermot Mulroney or Lou Diamond Phillips) for the forthcoming sequel.

“I know they were talking about someone really young, like that guy, what’s his name? The guy that was in G.I. Joe…. Channing Tatum, or someone like him to bring that audience.”

Lundgren also said his “Universal Soldier” co-star Jean-Claude Van Damme will likely appear in the film – and he might get to fight him. Again.

“Stallone said something like, “Yeah, I want you to break his fucking neck somehow…”. So, we’ll see what happens!”.

“So, I think that there’s a certain chance he’ll be in it. As a bad guy he would be cool. I think he should play a bad guy. It’s a great way to come back, you know, because people aren’t used to that, doing a whole bunch of evil crap. People will be like, “Woah, he’s killing all these innocent people! Jesus!” That’d make them feel something.”

“The Expendables 2″, which is expected to lens early next year, will have Stallone, Lundgren, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Randy Couture, Bruce Willis and Terry Crews back onboard. Everyone from Dwayne Johnson to Chuck Norris has been touted as one of the franchise’s expected new additions.

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