Ledger To Reprise Joker Role In 'Rises'?

Rumors have been swirling lately suggesting that Heath Ledger's Joker will be in The Dark Knight Rises via CGI and unused TDk footage. Hmm, sounds a little iffy...and it is, it's been stumped...

Keyboard stumpers have ignited a scorching hot rumour suggesting Heath Ledger will be resurrected – with thanks to CGI – to reprise ‘The Joker’ for the new “Batman” movie, “The Dark Knight Rises”.

But just how bright is this rumour’s flame?

Lets just say, the smallest gust of wind will distinguish it.

“It’s just not real”, says a contact at Warner Bros in relation to a news item suggesting that, thanks to CGI and some unused footage from the previous flick, Ledger will reprise his ‘Joker’ role for “Dark Knight Rises”.

Firstly, yes, the original plan was to have The Joker play a small part in the third “Batman” movie. He would’ve been in a prison, and much like Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter, would’ve played an unlikely aide to his arch-nemesis Batman, who’d be on a mission to to stop… Two Face. But obviously, what with Two Face killed at the end of “The Dark Knight”, that plot is now moot.
Further more, director Chris Nolan has too much respect for Heath Ledger and the late actor’s family to resurrect him – with help from a powerful iMac – for the film. It’s not only disrespectful but could ultimately hurt, even destroy, the film if the reanimated Joker doesn’t turn out.

I’d say these rumours are merely stemming from Nolan & David Goyer’s five-year old plan to bring back the character in this third film. But as I said, that was only an initial outline and when the script for “The Dark Knight” changed, so did this one.

So believe me, Ledger will NOT be seen in “The Dark Knight Rises”.

I tell ya what is more likely? Nolan leaving the franchise after this next installment. Heck, the filmmaker confirmed his departure in an interview with EW, saying “The Dark Knight Rises” is “the last chapter of our Batman saga.”

Christian Bale has also let it be known that he’ll be hanging up the cowl after this next movie.

So is that the end of the “Batman” series? Of course not! Warner Bros are already thinking of untying “Batman Vs. Superman” from the development hell knot – though, I’m guessing, Bale won’t be involved – and they’ll likely also try and continue Nolan’s series of films – albeit with a new actor and new director. I spoke to British actor Luke Goss (“Hellboy II”) last week, who’s a big-time fanboy and darn fine actor, and he actually expressed interest in playing the part of Bruce Wayne. So there’s definitely actors out there willing to slap on the cape when Bale does decide to lease out the Cave.

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