Review: 'Hatchet II'

Finally got a chance to sit down and watch Hatchet II. The film starts off where I felt it needed to: exactly where the first one ended...and maybe that's where this one needed to end as well.

After watching the film, it's hard rto believe that this movie has so much hype going in to it. For literally months prior, horror news sites were clamoring at the chance to post anything Hatchet sequel related. And I just feel that the film falls short...way short.

This film's lead heroine, Marybeth (played by Tamara Feldman in the original, this time by Danielle Harris), feels a little out of place in this sequel. The film could probably work without the character altogether. As for Danielle Harris, I've always liked here, going all the way back to Halloween 4 & 5. But in Hatchet II, her acting didn't seem up to par (she's actually a really good actress). Besides the main antagonist, Victor Crowley, there's actually sort of another semi-bad guy: Reverend Zombie (played by horror fave Tony Todd), who is keen on ending the Crowley curse so that he can reclaim the swamp and "officially" open his boat tour(s) for that part of swamp.

The rest of the characters are easily forgettable. In fact, I can't remember one of their names. Ha. See? The only real memorable part that I thoroughly enjoyed was the Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon references that one of the characters had (apparently said character grew up in Glen Echo).

That's really it. There's not much to Hatchet II. It is what it is. It delivers on the blood, guts, and gore...but definitely isn't a solid flick. Recommended if you liked the first, otherwise, stay away...far away.