Review: 'I Spit On Your Grave'

This remake of the 1978 film of the same name is just the same old type of revenge horror flick we've seen countless times before.  Nothing new, nothing original and NOTHING entertaining.

Jennifer Hills (played by Sarah Butler) is a young novelist who is out in the country to go to a cabin she has rented a few months so she can write her latest book.  She gets the keys and then asks directions because she has no idea where it is.  (Convenient)  She stops at a gas station to fill up her car and  meets up with a few guys who work there.  Johnny, the head of the group, goes up to her and startles her, spilling fluid on him and when she hits the panic button on her car keys, Johnny spills gasoline over himself.  Of course, the other two guys looking on make fun of him and Johnny gets very upset.  Very upset indeed.

Jennifer locates the cabin and begins her writing.  Conveniently, she drops her cell phone into the toilet and calls someone to help with the pipes as the water is too dirty to use.  She then gets startled a few times but thinks nothing of it but it escalates and she begins to get a bit paranoid.  She comes upon her laptop and see a picture on it.  It's those guys she encountered at the gas station and that "plumber".  She gets scared and the guys begin to make fun of her and have their way with her.

The "plumber" named Matthew, is a stuttering train wreck.  Johnny is a complete jerk and obviously doesn't care about Jennifer.  The other two guys, a fat one and one who cares about his hair a little too much, round up the group.  They gang rape her with the help of a local sheriff Jennifer called earlier to help her but we find out he is not a loyal man of the law.

She manages to escape two encounters with these men and the men struggle to find her.  They try burning all evidence that could link them to these terrible actions.

The first hour is just terrible to watch and the acting by the men, with the exception of Matthew (played by Chad Lindberg) is just so bad.  Mr. Lindberg gives the dim light in an otherwise brain dead group of men.  The second hour is a little better because Jennifer gets her revenge using some torture methods of her own, each one specific to each man.  Except for Matthew, who just gets choked and later on, is used in the last torture. It's pretty satisfying to see her get her revenge though.

All in all, this is just another torture porn type movie and it doesn't really do anything new to the genre.