Review: Entire 'Saw' Series

Hello Zep!  What you are about to read is something that I think you may find a little interesting.  You think you are going to read a review of "Comics Anonymous" but instead... you are going to read a review on the entire Saw film series.  If you do not finish reading the review in 60 seconds, someone will come up from behind you in a pig mask and knock you out.  After that, you are under their total control. You will have no way of knowing what's going to happen to you. Until you wake up... then you will see...

The original Saw was written by Leigh Whannell who also plays Adam and was directed by James Wan.  I'm just going to say this right off the bat but the first one was, by far, my favorite one.  I think because it was just the most polished one and the ending was a definite shocker that the filmmakers kept trying to add to the "big twist ending" on each proceeding sequel.

II and III were the next ones in the "John Kramer is actually alive" trilogy of Saw.  II was a mess and III was a little better.   So far, I and III are in my favorites list.

IV,V,VI and The Final Chapter weren't really needed but here they are.  IV wasn't that great and V was even worse. VI was a big improvement over the last two and The Final Chapter was decent enough.  The last 4 Saw films were written by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton and directed by 3 different people.

IV was directed by II and III director Darren Lynn Bousman; V was directed by David Hackl who was the production designer on II, III and IV; VI and The Final Chapter was directed by Kevin Greutert, editor of I through V.

So, overall.. If I had to watch any of the Saw films again, I'd definitely choose the first one. The performances in the original were the best.  I may even watch the third and the sixth one as well.  These films aren't anything amazing or something that will make you go "WOW!" every time you watch them, but they are decent horror flicks and Jigsaw is a great horror icon.

Agree with me?  Make your choice...