'Step Up 4' Details Revealed

All the juicy details on Step Up 4 have been revealed...yawn. But if that's your type of thing, here you go!

Yep, you heard me – “Step Up 4″.

Ashley Tisdale’s beau Scott Speer is directing this third sequel to the Mr & Mrs Tatum hit. John Chu is executive producing, Adam Shankman producing and Channing Tatum… er, he’s not in it.

There’s a shift in locale this time. We’re in Miami now, where Sean, a poor guy from ‘the streets’, runs an underground dance troupe. When he’s not working for a real-estate company he’s putting on the Ritz.

Emily is home for the Summer. Rich and sassy, she’s a classical, lyrical dancer – and, of course, Sean’s boss’s daughter. Though she’s just graduated NYU, she wants to dance full-time (in the Fusion Dance Company, ideally) – - something her uber-successful pop isn’t so sure about. She hooks up with Dad’s employee Sean who introduces her to his flash mob organization where she can be as free and creative in her dance as she likes.

Emily and Sean, of course, develop feelings for each other. This does not please Trip, a young man being groomed by Emily’s father to not only take over the family business but take his daughter off his hands one day.

The other main characters are Eddy, Sean’s best friend, he’s the genius behind the underground dance troupe; aggressive, fueled by attitude and against anyone with money… well, you can guess who won’t get along with Sean’s new pal; Claire, Sean’s down-on-her-luck sister who wants her brother to get a real life and a real career and put this dance dream to bed; Ricky, the owner of Sean’s favourite bar and somewhat of a father figure to the troubled youngster, and Penelope, a tom-boy type with attitude who spins the tunes for the underground club.

I’d put money on Ashley Tisdale getting a look-in as Emily.

So, there you have it, basically the same deal as the other “Step Up” movies but will likely still dance all over the imitators.

Filming begins on “Step Up 4″ in August.

Thanks to Moviehole for the scoop.