Tom Atkins Reveals 'Halloween 3D' Plot

At a recent horror convention in Kentucky, actor Tom Atkins was asked about his involvement with Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer's Halloween 3D by an eager fan. Here's how that conversation went...

All this new talk on Halloween 3 and Patrick Lussier got me really excited to share my story about the recent conversation I had with actor Tom Atkins (Lethal Weapon, My Bloody Valentine, Drive Angry, etc). I recently met Tom at a Horror Convention in Kentucky and when asked about Patrick Lussiers Halloween 3 he gave me first the basic answers that pretty much everyone is aware of like "Patrick had a great script and story and was ready to begin asap but the Weinsteins basically ran out of money and simply could not do it at the time".

I had heard many rumors at the time about Tom being in the film considering he seems to be in all Lussiers recent entries and when asked he stated that he would be portraying a "Perverted Doctor" of some sort and he went on to say that H:3 would pick off right where Zombie's left and what basically happen is that Laurie was taken to this mental hospital due to everything that H:2 ended with and Michael comes for her inside this insane asylum. Apparently he is the doctor of Laurie and instead of fixing her mentally he would just rather grope her a few times, i mean who wouldn't right?? I kid I kid but oh yea I almost forgot Mr. Atkins also filled me in on a little secret.... He DIES just like everyone else in the film.... Except LAURIE and MICHAEL.

Thanks to ptwillis727 for the story.