Another Facebook Inspired Movie 'Status Update' On The Way

Sure, it's not a sequel, but it is another movie inspired by the uber-popular social network Facebook.  A teen comedy called Status Update.
EXCLUSIVE: Paramount Pictures is acquiring Status Update, a pitch by Sascha Rothchild and Randi Barnes. Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s Fake Empire will produce. Ashley Brucks will oversee for the studio. Pitch is a high school comedy that utilizes social media, particularly Facebook. That’s where they got the title. It’s the second sale together for the producers with the writing team, with the first coming through Fake Empire’s TV division. Last year Rothchild and Barnes sold their TV pilot My Best Friend Is A Lesbo to NBC and Warners Brothers with Fake Empire producing. Rothchild most recently sold her pitch Who Invited Her? to Dreamworks with Reese Witherspoon attached, and she adapted her book How To Be Divorced By 30 for Universal. Barnes co-wrote the animated film Dorothy Of Oz. The scribes are managed by Apostle’s George Heller. Rothchild’s at WME and Barnes at Paradigm. Fake Empire is repped by WME.
Source: Deadline