Bill Murray Hints 'Ghostbusters 3' -- But He'd Rather Talk About 'Moonrise Kingdom'

I don't know about you but I really hope Ghostbusters 3 doesn't get made.  I mean, if you can't get Bill Murray to commit to the film then you should just scrap the idea completely.  But, that won't stop Dan Aykroyd from making it I'm sure. 

Dan Aykroyd even said himself that Bill Murray would have nothing to do with it but now Bill Murray hints at the possibility of starring in Ghostbusters 3 -- even if the words came out of someone else's mouth. 

Bill Murray, a Chicago native, talked sports with Chicago reporter Pat Tomasulo and then Mr. Tomasulo shifted gears and talked movies.  Ghostbusters 3 in particular.  When Tomasulo talked about the possibility of Ghostbusters 3, Murray just took the words right out of his mouth and said, "It's a possibility."  Yeah, a big vote of confidence right there for Ghostbusters 3.

Murray was more than happy though to talk about his new movie, Moonrise Kingdom, the latest from Wes Anderson, which is coming out in May 25th in the US, called it, "One of the funniest I've ever been in."

Murray also talked about how he doesn't have an agent to pick the movies for him. Murray does that himself. Murray gets phone messages from filmmakers who want Murray for their film but he only checks it once in a while saying, "You don't want the phone to ring all the time... when you feel like it, collect some messages, and sometimes they are interesting."

He even talked about Charlie Sheen and how easy he was to work with. "... He was a piece of cake. He was really easy to be with."

I just loved how Murray just wiped off the Ghostbusters 3 talk to talk about his new film Moonrise Kingdom.  If that doesn't make you believe Ghostbusters 3 is a joke then I don't know what will. (Maybe official news that Ghostbusters 3 WILL NOT happen!)

If you want to see the whole interview, click here.

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