Walt Disney Company China & DMG To Co-Produce 'Iron Man 3' -- No Mandarin As Villain

With the recent news of Ben Kingsley in talks to play the villain in  Iron Man 3, many speculated that he was going to play The Mandarin.  But with news that Walt Disney Company China and DMG are going to co-produce the film in China, you can pretty much stop those thoughts of an epic battle between Iron Man and The Mandarin because it's not going to happen.  At least not until Iron Man 4 starts happening.

Here is the official pressing:

The Walt Disney Company China, Marvel Studios and DMG Entertainment today announced the intention to co-produce IRON MAN 3 in China. Under the arrangement, DMG Entertainment will make an investment in the production of IRON MAN 3, manage the Chinese co-production process, and jointly produce the film in China. The Chinese portion of IRON MAN 3’s production will run through DMG Entertainment in coordination with Marvel Studios’ production and creative teams. DMG will also distribute IRON MAN 3 in China in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company China.“The popularity of the Marvel franchise globally creates a huge opportunity to deliver fans yet another action packed film,” said Stanley Cheung, Managing Director, The Walt Disney Company, Greater China. “The co-production of IRON MAN 3 in China is testimony to the importance of this audience to Disney and the local industry capability to deliver a blockbuster title,” he added.“We look forward to working alongside DMG to bring IRON MAN to the Chinese marketplace in a significant way. We are confident that Marvel’s stories will continue to be enjoyed by Chinese audiences, and adding a local flavor, and working with our new local partner, will enhance the appeal and relevance of our characters in China’s fast-growing film marketplace” said Rob Steffens, General Manager of Operations and Finance for Marvel Studios

Now why does that mean NO Mandarin in the new Iron Man film?  Well, China is really picky on the films it screens. If the film has Chinese people portrayed as anything but good, then the film will NOT be screened in China.  So with that logic, that means NO Mandarin.
So, who would Ben Kingsley play in Iron Man 3?  As of right now it's all up in the air but I'm sure we will find out in the coming weeks.  I'm just hoping for a great superhero film.
Iron Man 3 is being co-written and directed by Shane Black and is expected to be released in theatres May 3, 2013.
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