Death May Be Back In 'Bill & Ted 3'

The Grim Reaper in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey was one of the highlights in the sequel of Bill & Ted and now, it looks like the writers are trying their hardest to bring him back. 
Movieweb talked with the Grim Reaper himself, William Sadler, about possibly returning to the role.

I'm not sure if it's a done deal yet. I know they're trying to write The Grim Reaper in. Alex said, 'How could we do this without the Reaper?' I'm hopeful. I'd love to go back and play with those guys again. That was one of the most fun roles I've done. I'll be there in a heartbeat, if they want to do it.
Sadler definitely seems more than happy to return to the role so why not?  If he wants to do it, then go ahead and write that character in.  More death hijinks on the way?  You bet!

So what do you think?  A sign of good things to come for Bill & Ted 3?
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