'Need For Speed' Video Games Getting Possible Film Franchise

Are you a fan of the Need For Speed video games?  Do you like to push that gas pedal a little too much?  Well, this may be the film franchise for the speed freak in you. 

Warner Bros., Paramount and Sony are in bidding wars to get the rights for the potential film franchise.  Apparently, the Twisted Metal video games are also getting a film adaptation with Crank co- director Brian Taylor in the directors chair.

If this becomes a reality, one of the aforementioned film companies could have a hit on their hands once one of them gets their hands on Need For Speed.  How will it all work?  It's possible they could just try and do a straight up racing movie but knowing Hollywood, they will put a lackluster story line in it and probably get some hotshot actor to be the lead.  You know how it goes. 

No details up just yet but as soon as they come forth, we will let you know.

Would you watch a Need For Speed film?

Source: Firstshowing
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