It Seems Gary Ross May NOW Be 'Catching Fire'

A lot can happen in 2 days.

We first reported that Gary Ross was officially out of the running for directing The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, but now sources say that Gary Ross hasn't officially withdrawn his name from the directing chair.  Gary Ross was apparently on vacation and couldn't be reached for comment but now it seems those reports that said he was out were somewhat inaccurate.

Lionsgate and Fox were in a tense dispute over scheduling conflicts for Jennifer Lawrence since she stars in both Lionsgate's Hunger Games and Fox's X-Men: First Class but that has also been somewhat blown out of the water.  Since, Lionsgate got their script for Catching Fire first, Fox will let Lionsgate go first with their production.

Hey, Lionsgate, why don't you just give us an official statement saying that Gary Ross is on as director.  Or -- Gary Ross needs to come out and say that he is directing instead of having us give false information!  If Mr. Ross decides not to direct, then why not produce the film instead?  Just hurry up and give us the official word!

What do you think of this crazy news story?

Source: Deadline
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