Review: 'American Reunion'

So I finally got around to seeing American Reunion.  And with that being said, why was I not there opening night?

This latest slice of pie picks up precisely 13 years after the original, finding Jim, Michelle, Stifler, Oz, Finch and Kevin all settled in to their adult lives.  While most have gotten out of East Great Falls, some still remain.  The class of 1999 decides to throw a 13-year class reunion (weird, I know) and this is where things get interesting.

The opening to the film has the classic American Pie raunch-twist thrown in and its perfectly acceptable given the nature of how the characters have grown.  Much like the third film, American Wedding, the main cast tried not to let Steve Stifler (Seann William Scott, who is looking much better nowadays) find out about the reunion. Nevertheless, Stifler does find out.

Much like the original, there's a lot of heart at the center of the story.  And for a reunion movie of sorts, that is needed and expected.  Oz and Kevin find that they do, in fact, still have feelings for their former high school girlfriends -- but just one of them takes it a step further.

Jim and Michelle's love life has grown stale since having their son a few years earlier.  And its been 3 years since Jim's mom passed away, leaving his dad (the always great Eugene Levy) spending his days alone.  In fact, almost, if not all, of the group has gotten out and started new exciting lives...except Stifler, who still seems to be living with his mom and works as a temp at large firm, playing bitch to his demanding boss.

A small feud develops between the class of '99ers and the current senior class, which leads to some of the film funniest moments.  In particular, when Stifler leaves them a nice little surprise in their cooler and takes their jet skis for a "ride".

All in all, American Reunion is a worthy successor to the 1999 hit, and delivers in every way that it possibly could.  If you're a fan of the original, then you'll love this one -- even with all the great homages to the first two movies.  And Stifler's revenge of Finch is epic -- MILF.

They definitely saved the best piece for last.