Some Big News From The 'Skyfall' Crew

This is a huge spoiler alert!  Are you a James Bond movie fanatic?  You want to wait until the film has been released to see if all the rumors are true?  Well, then don't read the rest of this article.  Actually, go ahead and read on.  Don't want to lose potential readers!

Anyway, the big news is that the Skyfall crew has filmed a scene of a major character dying.  It's possible that it could just be a dream sequence or maybe not.

Judi Dench, who has played M since GoldenEye when Pierce Brosnan played James Bond, is possibly leaving the film series and has been excellent in her portrayal as M so it will be sad to see her go if this is all true.

Ralph Fiennes, who is playing an M-like character in the new Bond film, may be gearing up to take her place since Judi Dench's M is called on to train Ralph Fiennes' character.  One great actor handing over the torch of a character to another great actor would make the transition a lot better.

It's all pretty hectic information as before the Skyfall crew were being really secretive about all the film's information.

I just hope that Skyfall is a better, less cluttered film than Quantum of Solace was.  Oh, and I hope the action scenes are filmed in a way that doesn't make my head want to spin out of control.

Are you excited for Skyfall?

Source: BleedingCool