TV Review: 'The Legend Of Korra' Episode 3

After the first 2 episodes airing back-to-back last week, we go to the normal one episode a week format.  This episode introduces us to Amon (voiced by veteran voice actor Steve Blum), who is going to be the main villain in this series.

The episode starts with secondary main characters Bolin (voiced by P.J. Byrne) and Mako (Korra's love interest -- you know it's true!, who is voiced by Married... With Children's David Faustino) being short on cash cause of payments made.  Bolin goes out on his own to the street and has his pet red panda ferret (whatever) Pabu (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) do tricks for quick change.  It doesn't work out to well but it does catch the eye of a Triad member and gets taken away. 

Meanwhile, Korra and Mako (who has been working in a factory) find out about this and go on searching for Bolin.  Everything conveniently falls into place and they soon find themselves at an Equalist's meeting and meet their leader, Amon.  We then hear why Amon wants benders to be wiped out, how he wants to do it and then see him demonstrate his powers.  Pretty cliche stuff really.  But it works.

Korra creates a distraction so that they can save , who is about to get his bending powers taken away from Amon but before his powers get got, the distraction happens just in time to save Bolin and get pursued by some Equalists.  They get away but not before Amon says he wants them to tell everyone about Amon and his plans.  Tenzin is then informed.  Tenzin worries.  Tenzin starts to think.

Well, if you haven't seen the episode yet, sorry to spoil (somewhat) about what happened but I'm probably going to be doing that for all my Korra reviews. 

Anyway, there is a fight scene between Korra, Mako and a few Equalists that is pretty well animated and choreographed.  That's always been a strength about this series: the way they film their action scenes.  Impressive. 

To me, Korra seems more stubborn and arrogant than Aang but I guess because she is an older character and she is the next incarnation of the Avatar, that goes without saying.  So far though, Mako is just that cliched "don't talk much and look bad ass" character. I'm sure he'll open up more as the series progresses.  Bolin is the next Sokka.  He makes me laugh.  Amon is, in my opinion, the most interesting character in the series.  He has this seemingly unstoppable power so how will Korra and the others figure out how to stop him?  All I know is, Amon is my favorite character right now.  I don't know, villains are usually more interesting to me. 

Alright, onto episode 4!

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