Dimension Doesn't Want Williamson's 'Scream 5'?

Now this is just crazy.  Several months ago the brothers Weinstein were actively seeking new writer(s) for a potential Scream 5 because series creator Kevin Williamson had no interest in returning to the franchise after their messy divorce during the production of Scream 4.

Now, it seems things have changed.  Judging by a Tweet from Williamson himself, it appears that perhaps the scribe has written a draft for Scream 5 and is very much interested in returning (amazing what a few months away can do).  But -- do the Weinsteins want Kevin's script?  The answer appears to be no.  And that's a damn shame.

Thanks to our good pal Mr. Klyza over at Scream-Trilogy.net for pointing this out to all of us.  I don't care if Kevin wants to send Ghostface to space, if Kev writes it, I'll watch it!