Marlon Wayans Reacts To 'Scary Movie 5' On Twitter

Although Marlon Wayans has nothing to do with Scary Movie 5 (he hasn't been involved with the franchise since the second film), he's getting loads of negative feedback for the film via his Twitter account from fans, most of whom who are just comparing the two trailers for Wayans' next, A Haunted House (another horror spoof) and Scary Movie 5.

Here's the first tweet that caught our attention:
RT @PrinceAmirVI: @MARLONLWAYANS just saw the Scary Movie 5 trailer...they need you...bad ... *** HA!!! I wish it ❤. Go see a haunted house
Not too harsh, he wishes the film love, but still plugs his film.

And then came this one:
RT @princeofny: So scary movie 5 just gonna steal the same story form @MARLONLWAYANS A Haunted House sheesh #TimesMustBeHard *** preach!
 Now this response was a little more cynical.

RT @RKavalli: Scary movie 5 just looks whack. Everytime the wayans leave something, i dont wanna watch it anymore. @MARLONLWAYANS - ha!
Again, not too bad, but definitely agreeing with the fan.

And then Marlon tweeted this:
@MARLONLWAYANS: Here's my take on scary 5 vs a haunted house... Go see both and then you decide which is funnier. 
Fair enough.  He tweeted this right after, throwing his support to Scary Movie 5 director Malcolm Lee:
@MARLONLWAYANS: My good friend @malcolmdlee directed scary 5 I wish him well always. 
The tweets ended harmlessly, but Marlon did retweet a lot of fans that were straight-up bashing Scary Movie 5.  What's weird, though, is how Marlon almost seems a little bitter that he isn't a part of the Scary Movie franchise anymore.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure Harvey and Bob Weinstein would love to have the Wayans back.

Either way, I'll definitely be checking both flicks out -- and of course -- comparing and contrasting.

Scary Movie 5 hits theaters April 12, 2013 and A Haunted House hits January 11, 2013.

Source:  Twitter